Tips to master Madden NFL 18 new target passing

Madden NFL 18 added some innovatory features to this year's e-sports scene. Perhaps one of the biggest updates is a new target delivery mechanism that allows you to throw any target receiver anywhere.

Now, don't be shackled to your wide receiver, you can precisely toss to any passing target. Take a look at these tips to master the new goal pass of madden NFL 18.

When mastered, goal passing is an effective new tool that allows you to completely control the pitch of the ball. But not all past situations need to be targeted, so it's important to know when and where to use it. This guide will detail this powerful new technology.

Select your master receiver: play it in advance, activate the coach camera with RT/R2, and press the button for the receiver to make him the main receiver on the player. Raise your goal: after capturing, hold down LT/L2, your goal will be the main recipient. Eamaddenmobilecoins tried this way and it proved good.

Moving target: using LS moving target. As your goals change, QB will move toward the goal. Switching target receiver: while holding down LT/L2, press the button of the receiver other than the current receiver, and the target will switch to the receiver.

Throw to receiver: click the button of the receiver icon shown. Use the same throwing mechanism to throw the ball, touch the ball and the bullet. Neutral target adoption: if you release LT/L2, it becomes neutral.

This allows you to press the button of the desired receiver and immediately throw it to him without switching the target and then throwing it. Close the target by: press LT/L2 again and close the target through the mechanism.

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