Tips of Madden 18 in Defense and Offense

Making full use of all offensive property in Madden 18 is key. The game generally has a low score, which is over before you know it. Who knows, turning around, or one time you're going to flatten out may be the key difference between winning or losing. Get the ball down the best way and avoid mistakes, so you can get these points on the board.

According to my experience, the best way to reduce turnover is to target players. Start with a target run with a good load rating because they are not likely to collide. Many quarterbacks have poor bearing capacity, which in turn can be shocking, so use the slides or leave the line as much as possible. To be successful, as a quarterback, you need to learn when to throw the ball away. If all the receivers are covered, don't try to force it unless you feel absolutely necessary.

One of the keys to winning is good defense. In order to play good defense, it is important to learn how to control players who are not on the defensive line. By controlling your defensive end, the rest of the defense will be controlled by the CPU - which means there is no difference in the way it is attacked, if they are dealing with the CPU.

In addition, by controlling a player in the insurance range, you can actively take more options from the offense. This can be done by using as many players as possible. In addition, if you control the middle or outer line guards, you will have a greater impact on the running game. This will allow you to control the distance you are defending, and then you can better adjust the direction of your running direction.

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