Tips for Madden 18 Defence

In the Madden 18 on the defensive end, all this is the opponent's action to respond. You can say that the best game is possible, but if you do not follow your opponent to make adjustments, that does not mean anything. The following Madden 18 defensive tips will give you an advantage.

See how your defense is arranged. Do you have enough player coverage to match each recipient and tightly end? If you do not, or if you need to modify anything, press Y/Triangle and follow the corresponding button on the defender's head to change its job.

Or, you can switch the game as if it were on offense, and use the X/Square button to display a playlist that can be changed.

You can choose a player to control when defending and move freely when doing this. Insist on your homework, or if the receiver is completely discovered, the whole game may encounter a disaster.

You can change the type of pass you want, for example you can choose a "radical pass" and then all the blitzing staff will get more statistics through the deal.

Once the ball is thrown to the receiver, press B/O to switch to the closest defenders. If you plan to intercept the ball, please hold Y/Triangle before you catch it, but if you need to use the ball against the player, press X/Square.

If your defender is blocked by the opponent, the player's player is near, you can reach out your arms and try to catch them. If the ball carrier moves to the right, then the left button button, and vice versa to the left to grab the ball carrier.

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