The Player Ratings in Madden 18

In the NFL, the fullbacks are usually the team's nameless hero. The Madden 18 rating continues because EA sports has already released the ratings for the top five fullbacks. Racing game online has shown top ratings for other positions, including outside linebackers, defense and more.

Here's the best fullbacks list in Madden 18.

NO.1. Kyle Juszczyk, San Francisco 49ers

AWR: 85
SPD: 82
ACC: 88
AGI: 78
STR: 79
OVR: 91

NO.2. James Develin, New England Patriots

AWR: 84
SPD: 70
ACC: 80
AGI: 69
STR: 87
OVR: 84

NO.3. Patrick DiMarco, Buffalo Bills

AWR: 85
SPD: 74
ACC: 84
AGI: 73
STR: 74
OVR: 84

NO.4. Aaron Ripkowski, Green Bay Packers

AWR: 84
SPD: 82
ACC: 87
AGI: 66
STR: 74
OVR: 83

NO.5. Andy Janovich, Denver Broncos

AWR: 74
SPD: 79
ACC: 87
AGI: 74
STR: 80
OVR: 82

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