The Interesting Things About the NFL Recently

What are the interesting things about the NFL these days? Let's take a look at it:

Buffalo Bill's new head coach Sean McDermott This is the first year of his career as a coach, before the Panthers had given Ron-Rivera a multi-year assistant, and now he's not just Learned the technical and tactical of Rivera, but also the characteristics of the military division of the military to the Buffalo.

It is reported that in the training camp McDermott directly stopped the training, and his players are together, loudly blame. He made it clear that he was dissatisfied with the training attitude of the players in the training. Coincidentally, on the same day, Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce - Arius after the end of training did not cover up their anger, complained about the media from their own takeover.

He is outside the team who is really intolerable, think of themselves in the offseason out of their praise, he regret it. For the two coaches, after this angry, Bill team players training more active, the Cardinals outside the receiver who also appeared in a sense of crisis, the attitude of the players began to change. The lecture has a good effect, sometimes you are not tough some really not work.

39-year-old veteran James - Harrison is a well-known figure in Pittsburgh, in a recent interview he said he did not mind the rookie T.J. watt off the bench. T.J.Watt in the preseason face of the Giants game won two sack, the performance of the dazzling, which may let Harrison saw his young shadow. The team's wireline coach Joey - Potter before the face of the media said that if TJ has been out of good performance, then he will become the main team outside the line Wei, Harrison will assume the "firefighters" role.

Has been nearly 40 years of Harrison in order to be able to play on weekdays life is very self-discipline and has always insisted on training, which makes him still able to maintain their 30 years old state. As a steel man outside the line Wei, Hassson last season to get the team's highest 5 sack and two manufacturing off the ball. Since joining the league in 2002, he quickly became the leader of the team, with 79.5 times the number of sackers ranked Steelers history sack the first person, no doubt, he will enter the Hall of Fame.

As for Harrison, no matter what difficulties, the veteran can always use the different ways to cheer the team up. In recent years, Harrison has slowly faded out of the starting lineup, but his prestige in the team is still no one can, and if Watt encounter setbacks, then Harris will be the first to come forward, the veteran will In the career of their own waste heat all dedicated to the team.

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