Steelman Wide Receiver Bryant Expressed His Dissatisfaction

Martavis Bryant clearly expressed that either give him opportunity in the attack or let him leave the team.

The Pittsburgh Steelman wide receiver took no longer around the circle. He said in an interview with ESPN that if the steelman no longer pass him a ball they should not trade him. "If they no longer try to get me more involved in the offense and continue to do so, then I want to leave." Bryant said. "I just want to be happy. I want to stay here. But if they do not do that well, then I'll have to leave." "I'm not selfish, it's just that I want to help make a contribution. I want to be the best player possible." Bryant said.

Last week Bryant denied news that he was dissatisfied with his own role and wanted to be traded. Now he actually confirmed the authenticity of the previous report.
Bryant's behavior in Steelman is rapidly moving in a bad direction. On Sunday night, he made a speech in the social media criticizing his teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster. Then delete soon). He then missed the team meeting on Monday with reason that he needed to see a doctor. Now he expressed his own dissatisfaction.

Bryant's playing time and data have continued to decline over the past few weeks. In the last two games, he only finished three times to get 30 yards. In this two games he played only 34 yards per game. This season he was passing 36 times, completing 18 times to score 234 yards.

So far, Steelman have made it clear that they will not trade Bryant. He is a player with a high potential but a low pay. Taking into account his suspension, it is unlikely that a team will be willing to pay a big price to get a player who may have been suspended due to an offside problem and has shown a bad temper.

Bryant said he wanted to be traded before the October 31 deadline. But if the Steelman does not trade him, then he is ready to fulfill his contract and then join the other team.

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