Some Tips for You to Play Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18, it's important to play strong defense. We're watching some unknown defense and have the potential to win your game at Madden 18.

Chicago Bears

Bears have a lot of young players on their roster. You may not know that the bear's defense has several players who have a good overall rating, and young players have great potential. The Chicago bears run 3-4 times, and their crews are finally starting to fit their plans. Although the defense didn't have any player rating in the 90s, they had a total score of 80.

Jacksonville Jaguars

I know we've talked about the Jacksonville jaguars lately, but they've been falling down on the radar of the crazy community. If we're talking about potential defense, they're definitely worth talking about. They added some big-name defenders in DE Calais Campbell and CB AJ Bouye. Defense will undoubtedly be the strongest unit between offense and defense. Jacksonville has a good young player, almost a defensive position. OLB's Telvin Smith and Myles Jack are both young and have great potential.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams in the past year's Madden 17 season, their defense is not a secret, but in Madden 18, they may look better. Of course, Aaron Donald started the season with a total score of 99, but there are many other players in this area worth mentioning.

These have only three defenses and have the potential to get your game in madden 18. You won't necessarily bet that their offenses will give you a lot of help, so if you play with any of these three teams, your defensive unit will have to step up.

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