Review Michael Vick Career Development in NFL Game

When we talks about the legendary players in every position of NFL game, Michael Vick is always the one who ranks first in QB ranking chart, if he is not the first, no one dares to be second. Thus, we could see Vick’s strong position in NFL game.

In general, no matter how excellent a player is, there is always some controversy. Of course, Michael Vick is not an exception. Although some think he is far away from the title of legend, no one can deny his athletic ability and dynamic ability which made the former QB champion give way to him. In addition, his best performance were also approved by 2001 NFL Draft by the Atlanta Falcons. He worked for Atlanta Falcons at least 6 years. In Atlanta Falcons, he trained himself in all aspects, especially in rushing. Thus, to a certain extent, his good rushing ability contributes a lot to his success.     

Here is his achievement in NFL game history.
Michael Vick: 93 Overall, 83 Awareness, 83 Throw Power, 80 Throw Accuracy Short, 83 Throw Accuracy Mid, 86 Throw Accuracy Deep, 93 Throw on the Run and 92 speed.

It seemed everything went smoothly; however, there was a big thing happened to Vick in 2007, he suspended his career because of a fighting, it ended he went to the prison for almost 2 years. Well, I have to say it’s a pity. This bad incident nearly ruined him. After serving his time in prison, he signed a 5 years contract with the Eagles in 2009 and he spent his greatest statistical season in Eagles. In addition, his final two seasons were in the NFL with the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers, worked as a back-up. We could say since his serving in a federal prison, there is no glory time of his career, and he has faded out the eye of public little by little.

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