Regular Season 7th Week Emirates Against Raiders

Regular season 7th weeks, the last round Kansas City Chiefs guested in California, challenge the same defeat the last round of the Auckland Raiders. Two morale frustrated teams, and finally one will play in the current round of a tonic.

In last round, the Chiefs were completely blocked by Steelers. The first five weeks average score of 32.8, the last round is limited to 13; the first five weeks the average passing yards 414.2, the last round only 251; more horrible is the number of red ball only 28 (the first five rounds are 156.2). Attack completely misfiring, the chiefs can recover in Auckland offensive state?

Last week after the accident lost to lightning, 2 wins and 4 losses of the Raiders playoff situation is not optimistic. The good news is that the Raiders have just signed the 49-man veteran line guard Navona - Bowman, he joined the Raiders added a lot of boxing deterrence. The current round of Bowman will be the first to wear silver black shirt battle, his performance is directly related to the raid can lift the United States leader.

On the last round of the chiefs lose, in addition to their own offensive disorders, more importantly, can not limit the steel runaway Levy - Bell. However, the raid array also has a road attack big kill device. Ma Sean - Lynch may lose Bell in the age of a chip, but he is not the chiefs casually will be able to cope with. Can limit the "beast mode", will become the Kansas City chiefs to win the key.

With the addition of points to the match, the Auckland Raiders were thrilling to beat Chiefs at 31:30 at home. This historic moment, many NFL fans will not forget.

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