Ranking of NFL 18 Game Modes

1: Longshot
Play longshot before the other modes. With this tutorial, you can complete longshot. When your challenge is 5-7 make sure you choose the blade you can open. You will also recycle 80 ovr WR Colt Cruise. His stats are good, but he's still an elite, and then he's upgraded to an 86-egg beast with a long range training point. And then this leaves LS until you're at a high H2H layer.

2: Head to Head
Make sure you get to the top, gold 3 may be recommended, in the first week, then play live events and seasons. Then you can be alone until the season ends. At the end of the season, you must try to enter the famous hall.

3: Seasons
The season is very valuable, because you receive 50 stamina: 6 storage items, progress to better wardrobe items. In one season (950) endurance, you will receive: some 126 silver store content ark goods, about 3 items gold store content ark, about 0.8 a boutique store content ark goods, about 16000 COINS, but the result is close to 40 k, about 1600 XP, Brady Master items. Those are very valuable returns. The seasons are very easy, so it's definitely worth playing.

4: Live Events
Here are the rankings of all known BLITZ events:
At a lower level, this is a very valuable event because it rewards 2,540 XP, and when your endurance is low, you must upgrade the event.
2 - S.T.A.C.K.D
This event is crazy, because about 1300 stamina, you guarantee one of the best players and 150k +
Very good activity, because in about 3 to 4 games you will receive a gameplan project. (here's more about gameplan)
4 - 24/7 (News)
The event is a lot of luck, and the only three really worth it will be the chief, the ravens and the strategy. Because of the player's rating. The crow may be the best, because you can pull 90 Ovr Justin Tucker who will be the best player in the game for a long time. If you play this activity 8 times, you will get 3 24/7 players from the team that may be three silver.
5 - Gear Box
A good event, if you want a more wardrobe, but the season is a better way.
6 - Coaching Activities
Same as the gearbox, but same as coach and H2H
7 - Practice squad
Not worth it, unless you need a silver player
8- Madden Mint
As in the past, the road to wealth in Madrid has been the same, except for poorer rewards
9 - Legacy
Unless you're really lucky, or want to play with your legacy team, don't worry.

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