Potential Teams to Win in Madden 18

Madden 18 is very important to fight strong defense. Madden 18's new game features and improvements, such as coaching adjustment, mean that playing defensive can win some games. Fortunately, eamaddenmobilecoins  know how to find great defenses because they do fatal attacks. Today we are looking at several unknown defenses and have the potential to win your game at Madden 18.

Chicago Bears: the bear has a lot of young players on their roster. You may not know the bear's defense There are several players who have a good overall rating and the young players have great potential. The Chicago Bears experienced 3-4 defenses, and their staff finally began to meet their plans. Although the defense did not score any players in the 1990s, their players were out of 80.

Jacksonville Jaguar: Jacksonville has a very good young player in almost every defensive position to build up. OLB's Telvin Smith and Myles Jack are young and have great potential. When you join Jalen Ramsey in CB and the above AJ Bouye joins the Jaguar midterm, Jacksonville's defense is sure to win the match at Madden 18.

Los Angeles Rams: the Rams have a decent defense in Madden 17 for the past year is not a secret, but it looks like they might be better in Madden 18. Of course, Aaron Donald started the season with a total score of 99, but there are many other players in this area worth mentioning.

These are only three defensive and have the potential to win your game in Madden 18. You do not have to bet on their guilt to give you a lot of help, so if you play with any of these three teams, your defender will have to step up. Hurry up to stock madden nfl 18 coins first.

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