Players Rating Condition in Week 5 Compared With Last Week

It’s more than a month since the release of Madden 18. Each week, players’ rating will be re-ranked based on their performance in the game. In general, rating represents how superior a player is. Not only players care about it, but only audience focus a lot on it. Usually, rating will be updated weekly. Of course, a player could always rank the top place of a rating chart as long as he is a man of immense capacity. But, it’s not surprising to see a player’s rating varies from week to week. Here is the fifth week of players’ rating condition compared with last week.



J.J. Watt +1 (Overall 99)

Travis Kelce +1 (Overall 95)

Alex Mack +2 (Overall 95)

Bobby Wagner +2 (Overall 94)

Gerald McCoy +2 (Overall 93)

Geno Atkins +1 (Overall 92)

David DeCastro +2 (Overall 92)

DeAndre Hopkins +1 (Overall 92)

DeVonta Freeman +1 (Overall 90)

Everson Griffin +2 (Overall 90)

Damon Harrison +1 (Overall 90)

Stefon Diggs +1 (Overall 89)

Jalen Ramsey +2 (Overall 89)

DeShaun Watson +1 (Overall 76)



Brandon Graham -1 (Overall 94)

Landon Collins -1 (Overall 93)

Matt Ryan -2 (Overall 93)

Earl Thomas III -1 (Overall 93)

Harrison Smith -1 (Overall 92)

Fletcher Cox -1 (Overall 90)

Josh Norman -1 (Overall 89)


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