New Gameplays of Madden 18 Mobile on Smartphone

Unlike Madden NFL 18 game, which only can be played on various consoles, Madden NFL 18 Mobile game is available on your Smartphone. Thus, more and more people could join this particular game, especially for some younger ones, since not all of them can afford to buy PS4 or Xbox One. But a Smartphone is an important necessity in life, almost everyone posses a Smartphone. So, there is no doubt that Madden NFL 18 Mobile enjoys a great popularity among the crowd.


There are two gameplays which catch players’ attention in Madden 18 Mobile. The first one is Brady camp. You will experience some training in this special camp, defensive training, rushing and passing training are among the most challenging ones, which will be guided by Brady. Playing with Brady is definite a exciting moment for every player, he is a legendary figure who won super bowl for five times, it’s not easy to find someone who made such achievement as him in Madden game. Thus, an "authentic" experience is always waiting for you on Brady camp.


Another interesting gameplay is Super bowl LI rewind. It’s a quite challenging game for you. If you have completed the task, you will get Tom Brady with an eighty OVR. In addition, a reward for your elite player is also available for you as long as you pass the game. In general, it’s regarded as one of the optimal method for you to build well balanced team.


Except for the above two gameplays, Locker items is also among the great advantages of Madden 18 Mobile game, it changes the traditional way for you to play both on and off the field. No matter you are in the field or off the field, you could update items at ease. You know, there were so many limitations for updating items in the past year. 


Only with a Smartphone, one can enjoy Madden NFL 18 Mobile to the ultimate. Now, don’t hesitate to buy Madden 18 Mobile Coins to take trainings, build team and do other interesting tasks in the game. eamaddenmobilecoins.com is sure to be the last stop for you to buy fast Madden 18 Mobile Coins!


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