Most effective Madden 18 Ultimate Team Offensive Playbooks and Defensive Playbooks

Oakland Raiders - The Raiders playbook may possibly effectively be the most effective that Madden 18 has to supply, boasting a range of run and pass plays, the majority of which give your receivers the potential to reduce and lose their pursuing defenders.

New England Patriots - Not much has changed from earlier iterations of Madden, because the offensive playbook in the Patriots is once once more among the list of greatest inside the game. You may believe that this playbook is skewed more heavily towards the pass with Brady at the helm, but it balances out nicely with some solid run plays.

New Orleans Saints - The Saints playbook arguably excels extra at running than it does at passing, delivering running backs with some good blocking formations. Rest assured that you will find some nice passing plays to be located here, especially inside the Shotgun formations.

Seattle Seahawks - The offensive playbook for the Seahawks looks to benefit from the mobile threat of Russell Wilson, so in case you have a fairly mobile QB on top of a solid running back, then this could be the playbook for you.

Oakland Raiders - The Raiders also possess a fairly strong defensive playbook, excelling at virtually every thing via both the 3-4 and 4-3 formations, as well as obtaining an even mix of coverage and blitz plays for just about every scenario.

New England Patriots - Absolutely nothing new here, as the Patriots are when once again back close to the leading for the most beneficial defensive playbook, just like they may be on the offensive side with the ball. You can find the 3-4, 4-3, Nickel, Huge Dime, and Quarter formations all within this playbook, which means New England's scheme can suit you no matter what you'll need.

Seattle Seahawks - The Seattle defensive playbook tends to bring stress additional in the edge than from the middle, revolving around pass rush duo Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril. There are strong blitzes littered all through this playbook, at the same time as some strong zone and man coverage to back it up.

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