Madden NFL 18 Tips of Defensive Back Moves

With all the new double interactions in Madden 18, defenders now have a big chance if they're in the right place to hit the pass through these WR. Here's the best way to get your defenders to play important positions!

1: Strafe
Control: LT (Xbox) or L2 (PS)
Learn how to control a defender by selecting a yellow (hook) area in the cover 3. Now, you can stand near TE, and for many new players, he is the favorite target and can be selected. Even if you make a mistake, you won't hurt your team by giving up a big play for the role!

2: Defense Assistance
Control: keep LB (Xbox) or L1 (PS) after capture
If an opponent's WR is beating your accrediting body, try to reach people and switch to the certification body. If you catch the help of the defense, you should reflect his path and make yourself a better place to play an important role.

Defensive assists are best for any situation when you're not sure you should be a defender. Just put it down and the game will guide you toward action or your mission. This is especially useful when solving problems, because it can help you to pursue the right Angle and timing.

3: Play the SWAT
Control: hold down X (Xbox) or Square (PS) after pitching.
If your defender is in a bad position, then sometimes you can make him jump higher for defense, and you can fight back at a big man's defense. While you won't get a lot of intercepts in this way, you should see more games broken. If you have another defender in the area, it's a good option because he might be able to "spike" and intercept a broken pass.

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