Madden Mobile Brady Makes Big Achievements

Brady is definite a giant who have achieved great results those years. In many years of his football career, he won numerous titles, including 5 Super Bowl champion, 4 Super Bowl MVP, 2 regular season MVP and 12 times getting into the professional bowl. Reviewing from football history, it’s not easy to find someone who got same achievement as him. Now, not only he is a big person in football, but also set a good example to all younger players.


He celebrated his 40th birthday in august this year. Although he is an older players comparing with his partners, he is still as strong as them, even has better performance than some.  Brady has won win the championship of 2016-17 Season among 100 players last week. We have already get used to the teaching stuffs in the last season, thus, it’s worth that the hard works pays off in this season. Since his first championship in 2011 competition among 100 players, he has always ranked before fifth; no can could achieve such results except for him. Different from another middle-aged man in 2016 season, he played his best in the first four games among 15 games. With regular season 28 touchdowns, only 2 times steals and 3 playoff averaged 379 yards, he made 2016 season a memorable year.


When we talks about excellent quarterbacks who are more than 40 years, 3 lists appear on our mind, they are Faff, Warren Mu En, Vanni Teostavelde. There is another players who has the potential to become the forth quarterbacks at a great age, he is expected to broke the former record made by Faff, 4202 yards 33 touchdowns in the history. We all know time and tide wait for no man, and Brady will retire from football world one day, but, he is still young right now, and he still could contribute a lot to football, that’s enogh.


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