Madden 18 UT player upgrade guide

In the game Madden 18 Ultimate Team section, in addition to being auctioned off in the MUT market, some of your older and weaker player CARDS have a variety of USES. In this Madden 18 Ultimate Team upgrade guide, we will upgrade some of your player CARDS in the best and easiest way.

For Madden 18 's Ulimate Team mode of all other content, including how to obtain MUT COINS as soon as possible, and in the auction house with the cheapest price to obtain the best player, please go to our Madden 18 Ultimate guide Team.

Madden 18 player upgrade guide - If you go to the team TAB of Madden 18 final team section, you will find the "upgrade set" option near the bottom of the screen. There are many options in this section, but the first thing you want to focus on is the upgrade area.

Then select the "player" option, then choose from the AFC or NFC, depending on which team you choose later. For example, when I chose the pony bag at the beginning of the Ultimate Team, I got 70 OVR Vontae Davis, and now I can upgrade to 75, then 84 OVR, but only a few key items.

Marden 18 best team player upgrade - it's never easy to get a team token, so once you've got some, what priority should you prioritize?

For starters, you must go with the players of the skill position to attack any player on the defensive or defensive line. Skills, players will no doubt average madden game than other players caused a greater impact because of the quarterback, running back, tight, ball. Angle of health and any other location is the best choice.

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