Madden 18 Tips For Completing Finals

Final 1 - Wade is drafted and Cruise is not
To achieve this, wade should only consider himself, creating rational and ethical choices. The script that ford plays on the border border is repeated, and answers to questions like "one shoulder", "twenty-two" and "security" have guaranteed good grades. Of course, it's good to play in the game.

In challenge 4, do not pass the ball to cruise under any circumstances. Even if you don't get it. Then choose the security pass with fawcett instead of the unsafe act with colt. Wade, therefore, was drafted by him in the sixth round. The cruise ship was not selected to invest in the music career.

Final 2 - Cruise is drafting, wade joins his friend

To do this, just help cruise. The decision to pass the ball to colt at the end of the season will allow the scouts to pass on the cost to their friends and determine that wade's move is too risky. So far, all of the quarterback's features have been fouled and even hit a pass.

So, in the sixth round, colt chose the same opponent as German's favorite. One of them was the drafting of the cruise team, which reshaped the duets of high schools and colleges. In that case, marino said it was difficult to get QB's position and wade had little chance.

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