Madden 18 MUT Guides of Collection of MUT Points

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Select your starter pack and you will be level 2. The best way to start is to choose your best available team and try solo. These solos will give you a huge XP boost, so try going to shopping center. Playing solo will also get significant players on your team, such as Marshawn Lynch, Rob Gronkowski and Champ Bailey.

Whenever you reach the new MUT level, be sure to check the various available rewards, as you will receive an exclusive package and unlock a new solo. You can unlock the LdT from the exclusive package and upgrade him using the LdT token - each upgrade increases by 1 point.

Longshot is not a good way to collect MUT points, because you can play Gauntlet for a similar reward in a shorter time. MUT squads are another interesting way to earn points, because you can play with friends and get bonus XP wins. In the end, they also help you accumulate Madden 18 coins and free packs, so playing kickoff is the perfect way to start a team.

If you have read the Madden coin farming guide - attached, you already know not to waste precious NFL 18 coins and wait patiently. Quickselling is not recommended at all. Placing CARDS in a variety of different packages can produce better results in the form of upgrades, rather than selling or auctioning them.

This Madden NFL 18 MUT Ultimate beginner's guide should help you start the Ultimate Team. Remember to save your card and wait patiently because it is the most important part of the ultimate team. If we miss something in the comments below, please let us know!

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