Lectra Lions Steelers Dominated the United States

The first section, Steelers first attack. In turn, although the lion failed to reach the end area, but fortunately came to the range of players, Pratt firmly won 3 points, lion 3-3 equalizer. Then both attempts ended in failure.

Section II, the lion took the first shot to take points. Then a file attack, quarterback "Big Ben" decided to make full use of their own hands of the two big killer, relying on Antonio - Brown and Levy - Bell all the way to kill each other end area, steel 10-6 lead! However, before the end of the halftime, the lion speed up the attack rhythm, the opportunity to win twice in a row, the end of the final half, Detroit Lion 12-10 lead.

Section III, Steelers first rely on Chris - Perseville's shot overtake score, followed by the young takeover Zhu Zhu - Smith Schuster's terrible personal performance. Outside the array slot Smith Shostel go past defender straight in the middle of the road, go past two grapples, complete a 97 yards touchdowns! After the ball, Steelers lead 20-12.

The fourth quarter began, the lion to rely on Gordon - Tate's ball to advance to the steel side of the area 4 yards. However, the lion chose the third gear, the steel man tough road defense so that the lion can only get 3 points. 15-20, lion to narrow the difference to 5 points.

At this time, the steel just need to slowly push like, but took over the attention of the focus is not concentrated, several times the difficulty is not high catch the ball, the ball quickly returned to the lion.

The steelman who won the ball would like to use the road attack time, but the lion's high-quality defense made the position of the steel man more and more. To return the ball, wake up the taste of the lion began to use the opportunity to pass the pass, near the end of Zach - Ebullon did not live up to the expectations of the team, a long distance to the steel red area. But the lion's red area efficiency is still moving.

In the end, Big Ben a short throw in the road won the first attack, three kneeling to finish the game time. Pittsburgh Steelers 20-15 win away, ranking first in the United States.

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