Latest Information About News.John Rose in Madden 18

Speed is very important in the game, you can image how fast a ball running in the air, if you are a little slow, it’s most likely that you would fail to intercept a ball or score a goal in the game. In a way, fast speed determines whether you will be a winner or not greatly. Today, we are going to talk about a mythical player who is unbeatable on speed, he is News.John Rose.


There is some of best performance of him in the game, including OVR: 77, AWR: 71, SPD: 98, ACC: 96, AGI: 93, STR: 51, how do you think about his achievements, amazing, isn’t? We can see from those dates that speed is his best ability. Besides, he also has 85 scores of route running, even though there is 84 scores from other, he has no stress for being chased up.


Although he is the fastest one among all Madden players, he has no qualification to be titled as the best dynamic player. With Tyrik Hil 97 scores and Brandin Cooks 96 scores, he has been beat by a small score difference. Anyway, he still ranks the top as excellent dynamic player. It’s real rare to see a player, who is excelling both at speed and dynamic, but Rose has done it, he is a fantastic player.


There is rumors spread widely that Rose is likely to be the next complement to Bangladesh Receiver A.J.Green, although Rose is still a newbie to this position, people want him to be the optimum candidate because of his pleasant cooperation with one of the best receiver in A.J.Green's game, thus, Rose suffers big pressure due to the high expectations from his fans. Besides, he also has been the selling points for his company. Now, Rose has to take strict trainings for his undecided position in A.J.Green's game. So, fans just wait and looking forward to see what’s the Rose’ next performance?


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