How to kick a perfect field goal in Madden 18

When you return to a kick or a gondola, you want to follow the blocker, choose this option to return to the middle. Once caught playing your receiver and direct interception, you should stop directly in front of you or behind the currently blocking players. You don't want to be so close, the blocked player will peel off the block and solve your receiver. Make sure to stay at least a few feet away from anything in front of you.

When you set yourself to play Madden 18, you will get the ball's trajectory depending on how much force you put into it. You can use this path to the target position, ideally, you want to stand in middle. Track target location is in the center of the target location to give room for error as much as possible.

Next, you want to close it top as possible, preferably in the red area. Don't hesitate, as soon as the meter enters the top, as if you let it come into the red zone, but don't stop it. Your kick will be very weak. After your first stop, the meter is now reduced and you want to stop at the bottom of the area or to get as close as possible.

Keep in mind that the higher the OVR (overall) rating of the kicker. He is to make the site target from a further distance. Kicker power and accuracy statistics are always considering what they do every play. For example, if they want to play with higher power statistics, the path will be able to further go across the field to play football.

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