How to Run the Ball Effectively in the New Madden 18

Running the ball well in Madden 18 has been the greatest concern for all players. There are so many strategies and techniques written by various people, however, players do not have enough time to judge which one is effective. Today, we have compiled a set of really useful tips to you; we hope those can give you a little help.


Tips for running the ball


There is no need for you to get particular RBK stat, neither too high nor too low, 93 is the optimum. Since 96+ BKS defense line can be easily pushed by 93 RBK, besides, it also provides with enough space you want. No one is more suitable than FO Lang for you to choose.


Tight End

This position has no special requirements for players, but being excellent in this position is not an easy thing. A player with quite high RBK stat can perform well. A player like Eric Ebro is the ideal candidate for this position. No problem is allowed to stop anyone occupies this position from Mike Daniels to Sean Lee.


Half Back

Contrary to popular belief, having an RB with high stats is not worth it. A player like SS Murray is quite enough. You need to learn spamming hitstick/X until he breaks 2 LB tackles and breaks away. He has a secret fumble recovery trait making him recover 2 fumbles per half. Another player you could use is OOP Hill as he has a good stiff arm so mixing him in has its advantages.


Play Calling

There are quite a few plays you can call, and so many players end up thinking too much about the various plays that they can call. An extremely easy way to call plays is to find a center formation with 2 TEs and then select a run play. This is extremely versatile and will protect you whether you wanna go outside on a dive or run to the weaker side to avoid 2 LBs at the line.


That is it for our Madden NFL 18 Running the Ball Guide. Let us know if we missed something and be sure to check out all our other Madden guides!


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