Five Most Promising NFL Players

In the third year after entering the league as a champion, Clowney finally played the expectations of people. At the beginning of this month, Texas defensive line coach Anthony Weaver published his view of the 24 years old young player.

Weaver said Clowney was able to enter the Hall of Fame. But he must meet some of the conditions, such as to maintain a healthy, stable and perseverance. But he himself has all the qualities to accomplish these goals.

Take this opportunity to see what other young players under the age of 24 have this potential? Trying to find out the kind of clumsy talent that is similar to that of Clowney. Here we list the 5 most likely to enter the Hall of Fame young players, they are also very different styles.

NO.1. Ezekiel Elliott, running back, Dallas cowboy

When he entered the league in the first year, his number of red yards ahead of the second place more than 300 yards. Elliott was fully meet the requirements of Dallas: run the ball, the backcourt emergency line catch the ball, for the Prescott to share the pressure and give him a cover. He is the cowboy since 2015 for the first regular season 9 wins the biggest hero.

Because this is his first season, you may hope he can slow down to prevent being murderous. But his ability to see for all, he absolutely has the strength to become a generation of stars.

NO.2. Odell Beckham, wide receiver, New York Giants

In his first three seasons, Beckham a total of 288 times the ball, a total of 4122 yards forward and get 35 touchdowns. In other words, the average 96 times each season catch the ball, 1374 yards, 12 touchdowns! Odal's talent scared to Heaven, he is the kind of extremely rare set of speed, athletic ability and catch the ball in a receiver, almost no one can block.

NO.3. Michael Evans, wide receiver, Tampa Bay pirates

The beast general strong external in his first three seasons have maintained a single season more than 1000 yards of the ball data, and completed the second 12 touchdowns season. With James Winston gradually find the rhythm, Evans's data will definitely explode.

NO.4. Joey Bosa, defensive end, Los Angeles Lightning

Last season, Bosa was out of the training camp due to hamstring injury and missed the first four games, the lightning team sack the artist to dominate the game with his absolute strength shocked me. He entered the league in the first game to get two sack, the year is to reach 10.5. Bolts hands of the cut-off defensive rookie is definitely a priceless.

NO.5. Brandin Cooks, take over, the New England Patriots

23 years old Cooks has completed two thousand yards season, a total of 17 touchdowns. The data and his performance on the court enough to let him row to the fifth position. As he came to New England, the team with the best quarterback in the history was destined to get his data to the next level.

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