EA Reply the MUT Disconnection Issues in NFL 18

In fact, online mode is not as good as people thought. The biggest problem is the network may be disconnected while you are playing MUT. It’s really an annoying thing. Besides, gamers can also disconnect the network deliberately in order to complete certain task in the game. Many gamers complain a lot about this bad situation, and EA Sports has already realized this problem, and has taken some measures to solve it. For example, it written a blog which specially introduced some common cases occurred in the game and gave solutions to gamers.


Except for publishing blog, EA also strives to fight against exploiters; especially those who have bad impact on MUT. When it comes to the sudden disconnection, EA is checking its relevant system to find the source of the issue. But, so far, there is still no solution. In the case of the artificial disconnection, EA said at the press conference: “now, we put a lot effort to design a new server-side in order to stop the unfair competition in the game. We have specialized stuff monitoring every gamer involved in MUT, if there is some abnormal situation, we will frozen the account of a victory.” EA also said: “for those suffer great loss because of sudden disconnection, we will give them some compensation. We will continue to focus on this issue.” “For those who disconnect the network on purpose, if EA find him, he will be kicked out of the game immediately. What’s more, every player will be checked before entering the next match, especially their account, so that the fair could be implemented to a large extent.” said EA.


The above measures taken by EA Sport delighted most players, and it’s certain those can goes into effect soon. As one of the favorite mode of many players, MUT has created a large community in recent years. We believe it will go back to normal in the near future.


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