Do You Know Origin of NFL

One day in 1823, the Ragby school in the town of Rageby, England, a school soccer match was holding. A student named William Weber Ellis, who was annoyed by a mistake, picked up the ball to run to the other goalgate. Although this action fouled, it caused the audience's interest.

Since then in the school football game, situation of holding a ball to run happened frequently, and gradually spread to open. Later, through some enthusiastic research and improvement, they gradually developed into a new movement. Because it is from the Ragby school to develop a football derivative movement, it was called "Ragby football".

However, by later historians' careful study, they found that the story was purely fictitious. But the power of the legend is strong, it has been deeply rooted. Now in Rugby School also set up a stone, engraved with: "This stone commemorates the exploit of William Webb Ellis." This monument commemorates the brave action of W · W Ellis. "Even the highest honor of football, Rugby World Cup trophy is also named after Webb Ellis, called Webb Ellis Cup.

At first the ball is used by the bladder by the sun after drying up to use. Its shape was ellipsoid, different from the ball of round football. Therefore increased the ball rolling uncertainty. This feature is the point to attract players.

In 1851, at the door of the Ragby school, Mr. Gilbert made a four-skinned oval ball to the London Exposition. Since then all the British teams began using the four-stitched oval ball made by Mr. Gilbert. Later it came into Chinese area. Because ball likes olive, and the original "football" as its Chinese name. But in English, there is no similar call.

In 1845, rugby developed the first set rules. In 1863, England's main rugby clubs decided to leave the England Football Association and to be independent. In 1871, the first rugby organization, the Rugby Football Union, was officially established.

At that time in British it was extremely famous. Rugby movement with the British Navy outward to expand to the British territory, the colonies, and then gradually extended to other countries to become a worldwide movement.

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