Brady is Tough Than We Thought

No one can delay that Brady set a good example to numerous players in Madden game. He trained himself hard to achieve one goal after another. For example, he won the Super Bowl MVP four times. Thus, he deserves the title as “best quarterback” in the word. So far, no one could compete with him. There are so many people adored him as a legend, Even his coach Bill Belichick admits that he is inferior compared to him.


There is always lots of topics surrounded him. And for this week, the toughness is the main discussion. We all know he suffers left shoulder injury those days, and some malicious people make sarcastic comments at his absence at Tuesday training. And plus Bill Belichick also said nothing about whether he will attend the Wednesday training or not. But, lots of his fans still believe he will be ready for the Sunday's road game against the Jets, since his toughness has been widely recognized those years. Such small difficulty means nothing to him. Thus, like the previous years, his toughness speaks loud than rumor.


In general, Availability is considered to be more important than ability. Here is the list of Brady's record.   

Brady made his 240th regular-season career start at Tampa, all under Belichick. It is the most starts by a quarterback under one head coach in NFL history. In 2013, Brady surpassed Dan Marino, who had 184 career starts under head coach Don Shula.


Brady has played in a Patriots-record 242 games. In 2015, he passed offensive tackle Bruce Armstrong (212) for the top spot.


Brady is one of 10 quarterbacks with at least 200 regular-season starts in a career. The list is led by Brett Favre (298) and includes Peyton Manning (265), Brady (240), Marino (240), Fran Tarkenton (239), Drew Brees (236), John Elway (231), Vinny Testaverde (214), Eli Manning (204) and Warren Moon (203).


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