Advanced FIFA 18 Career Mode Features

The fanatics of the professional model are eagerly awaiting the necessary update of FIFA's beloved function.

FIFA18 beta has been released earlier. Gamers can now go through the 3-d gamer conference to experience the real world of the transfer market, from unfaithful players to agents who need money. Despite starting every game and being the top scorer, FIFA 17 often confused players as their star striker announced he was leaving the club.

Now, you can talk about all of this through the additional features of the face-to-face meeting. Can also negotiate through the humanistic features of this reality, managers can "pump" the player to join their team, and persuade players to leave their clubs, similar to us in the summer transfer window.

In the interactive transfer negotiations, the professional model can pull all strings out of the way, as mourinho said about matici's departure from Chelsea to Manchester united.

So if you do it right, you'll find it easier to attract bigger players to smaller clubs and lower the wage demands through the right conversation choices. Finally, breaking news reports have been implemented in the new game, and users have the opportunity to present their new signatures to the media.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a sense of humor as the club did this summer... Perhaps this is a good thing to stop the football transfer from becoming awkward.

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