Aaron Rodgers is A Terror to the Dallas Cowboys

Currently, Aaron Rodgers is definite a terrible Terror to the Dallas Cowboys. Almost there is no one from the Dallas Cowboys could compete against him. In any match if Rodgers was involved, Green Bay Packers has more chance to win it at last.


Although the Cowboys are not as good as the Green Bay Packers in terms of defense, Rod Marinelli’s is trying to make elaborate plan in order to attack Rodgers effectively. “The key is we've got to do everything we can to work hard to pressure him, keep him in the well and be able to get him there," Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli said. "Make him a pocket passer.” Unfortunately, so far, The Cowboys don’t have the personnel to do that, especially against a magician like Rodgers.


In Sunday’s match, Rodgers has three receivers to his right. As he snaps the ball, he hits the top of his drop and immediately fires to his one isolated target to his left, Davante Adams. Rodgers releases his throw incredibly early. Adams is only on his fourth step of the route by the time the ball is in the air. But with the cornerback turned to the sideline, Rodgers knows he can throw to Adams’ back shoulder and the corner can’t do anything about it. Rodgers hits Adams with precision on his back shoulder, allowing Adams to turn, secure the catch and then step out of bounds.


The throw on that play was perfect for any other quarterback in the history of the game — Lewis just played solid defense. But Rodgers is on another level when it comes to accuracy. The Packers had given up 31 points and more than 400 yards of offense to the Cowboys, which is why Rodgers needed to chase a score in the closing minutes in the first place.


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