A new take on the spectacle of Madden NFL 18

The sports franchise has spent years trying to provide "spectacle". With each year's release, the Madden NFL will be updated with lighting and animation quality, increasing the diversity of the crowd's response and the new comment line, aiming to increase the excitement of each action.

What has been missing, however, is the true sense of narrative, the story of sporting achievement and the seemingly impossible goals. Human communication, through stories, inculcate meaning into activities and relationships.

This dependence on stories exists not only in our relationships, but in our relationships with everything, including exercise. This is a description of the game, and we like the technical details associated with the rules, specific player operations or the clarity of the TV screen.

David Tyree's helmet is special because of its timing, in fact it happens on a super bowl, and the opponent's quality and from the edge players. This is an isolated and great skill, but its spectacle comes from the narrative around it.

Through the new Longshot model, similar to the success of FIFA, madden football has finally embraced the idea that the real spectacle comes from storytelling rather than just technical elements.

In the long run, you can control Devin Wade, the young hopeful player who is committed to making big in the NFL. This is a mixture of success, but its inclusion has a long way to go to extend a franchise that has been stuck in the same burdensome idea for many years. The long lens allows us to take care of things other than ourselves, and that's enough to draw you into your own plot and character.

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