1. How it works?

1) You need to list a player on your device for the BUY NOW price of the amount you want to buy on your own account.

2) Head over to Eamaddenmobilecoins.com, choose your console and select the same amount of coins you want.

3) Follow the instructions provided, fill in your player details.

4) Check-out and enter your payment details to place your order for the coins.

5) Once receive your order, we will purchase your player within 5 minutes. Then your order will be done.

2. Why buy from you?

* As we are one of the most experienced and trusted madden coins sellers.

* A fast delivery via our reliable delivery system.

* A fast and responsive customer service team 7 days a week.

* The cheapest price.

* A fast and secure checkout - via PayPal or all major cards

3. How long does it take to deliver my coins?

All MUT coins delivered by us as soon as possible. You will always receive your coins straight away, please allow few minutes (up to 5-10 minutes) after purchase for us to do so. If you have any problems with your order, please make sure to contact our customer servive on Eamaddenmobilecoins.com.

4. What are the most likely reasons my coins have not been sent?

* Please make sure the payment has been made and that we have received your payment. You should receive a confirmation email as soon as you have processed the payment.

* You have not listed a player on the Madden Mobile transfer market for us to buy. For us to send your coins, you must have a player listed on the transfer market.

* You have listed your player with an open bid instead of a Buy Now price. If you list with an open bid, we cannot complete your order. Please ensure your player is listed with a Buy Now price of the number of coins you have ordered.

* The EA Servers may be offline. If the EA Servers are offline, our system will not be able to complete any of the orders. You do not need to contact us on this occasion, your order will be completed as soon as the Servers are back online. Please list your player for 3 days to avoid delay.

5. What do I need when I contact you?

We would need your order number or the email address you entered during the check out, this will help us locate your order and assist you quickly.

6. Are you safe & secure?

Security and privacy of our customers are importance to us and our top priority. So you can rest assured that our site will keep you both safe and secure.

7. What payment methods do you provide?

We provide Paypal & Skrill as our primary payment methods on our website. You also can pay using your credit/debit card.

8. How to contact us?

You can contact us via live chat located on the bottom right hand corner or contact our customer support team via email at mut18coins@gmail.com.

9. Do you sell only madden mobile coins here?

Yes, we are the only dedicated madden mobile coin store in the market. We sell madden mobile coins fast and for the best prices. If you are looking to buy MUT coins for Xbox/Playstation, head over to Eamaddenmobilecoins.com.

10. Who are Eamaddenmobilecoins.com?

We are Eamaddenmobilecoins.com - the ONLY dedicated madden coin store for all madden customers! We are one of the most cheapest, reliable, and fastest madden coin sites.